Social & Greening


BOS is a proudly South African business. We’re proud to have developed an authentic, joyful, healthy range of refreshing ice teas which add value to African raw materials and create jobs for its inhabitants. But this isn’t enough; BOS is also striving to be an ethically managed business (from farm to table).

Since we sold our first can in July 2010, BOS has committed to planting and maintaining one tree for every 2000 cans of BOS Ice Tea sold.

So, every time you open a BOS, you’re making a small contribution to greening underprivileged and under greened areas in South Africa. And you’re contributing to reversing the global impact of climate change. In order to fulfil the planting and maintenance of our trees, BOS has partnered with our friends at Greenpop; a wonderful Cape town based non-profit organisation who’re greening up South Africa by planting indigenous and fruit trees in under-greened schools, crèches and community centres.

Given that we’re planting lots of trees every month, BOS Brands is currently exploring trying to become one of the first (if not THE first!) certified carbon neutral beverage businesses in South Africa. We’ve hired some boffins who’re helping us figure it all out and we’ll let you know when we’ve finally worked out our business’s carbon footprint and are certain that we’re offsetting it.

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