Bos Country

Rooibos is the primary ingredient of all BOS ice tea. Originally discovered by the San people (Bushmen), it’s indigenous to the Cape and grown exclusively in and around the greater Cederberg region. Here, at the vanguard of organic and ethical farming, is the Klipopmekaar Rooibos Tea Farm and Private Nature Reserve.

Amidst Klipopmekaar’s geologically intriguing valleys, species-rich biodiversity, ancient rock paintings, cascading waterfalls and pristine wilderness, the seeds of BOS take root and the goodness grows. It’s a magical place – it’s BOS country.

Natural Goodness

Situated high up in the pristine heart of the Cederberg mountain range, Klipopmekaar has been producing top quality organic Rooibos since 1990.

Klipopmekaar is committed to producing Rooibos ethically, naturally and in an environmentally sustainable and socially mindful manner. The owners and management of Klipopmekaar recognise that the welfare of their workforce, and the biodiversity and preservation of their incredibly beautiful farm and nature reserve, is at the heart of their success and their customers’ experience.

It is this purity of intention and natural goodness of the Cederberg Mountains that every delicious and refreshing BOS offers to you.

Klipopmekaar Organic Farming

Klipopmekaar is farmed organically and is certified by ECOCERT. It is also on the vanguard of organic farming techniques development, such as investigating new ways to cultivate organic Rooibos seedlings, and pioneering owl habitat projects.

Klipopmekaar’s owner currently serves on the Right Rooibos (formerly Rooibos Biodiversity Initiative) industry steering committee. Right Rooibos is a social, biodiversity, environmental and farming methods standard and accreditation being developed by the Rooibos Council.

This best practices accreditation is being created by the council to improve farming, environmental and social practices of Rooibos producers throughout the industry.

Only 10% of Klipopmekaar is farmed. The other 90% (over 4, 500 hectares) is pristine mountain wilderness at the heart of one of the most beautiful, species rich and bio-diverse regions in the world. Leopard, duiker, klipspringers, aardvark, aardwolf, black eagles, tortoises, snakes, spiders, scorpions, and hundreds of species of flora and fauna live here in peace and harmony.

Klipopmekaar is riddled with fascinating San/Bushmen rock paintings, some dating back thousands of years. Many sites are archeologically catalogued and all are protected for future generations.

Wherever possible renewable energy is used at Klipopmekaar. Most water used on the farm is pumped using solar energy and all cleaning water is heated using solar energy. The main farm house is entirely solar powered and off the electrical grid.

All the farm’s homes and buildings have been designed in a thermally intelligent manner to minimize heat transfer and maximize the living and working comfort of valued workers. Low energy light bulbs (CFL’s and LED’s) are fitted throughout the farm.

Composting toilets and low water volume flush toilets are fitted throughout the farm. Klipopmekaar practices conservation tillage which means that the soil structure of its fields are carefully preserved as long term soil health is critical.

Klipopmekaars rivers and waterfalls cascade over some of the most geologically fascinating and enchanting valleys in the world. It’s a magical place – and a wonderful place of origin for BOS Ice Tea.

KLIPOPMEKAAR: An Afrikaans word meaning rocks on top of, over, and alongside one another.

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