BOS creates innovative design platform to support local musicians

BOS creates innovative design platform to support local musicians

4 Dec 2015


BOS, the innovative ice tea brand from South Africa, is launching an exciting new platform called “DESIGN-A-VINYL” by combining two creative disciplines:

Design & Music.


DESIGN-A-VINYL allows users the opportunity to design their own unique customized vinyl cover on the BOSDESIGNER app, share it on social media and help raise support and awareness for local musicians.  The winning designer will receive a fabulous BOS-Music hamper worth €1000 and will see their design featured on 250 limited edition vinyl covers.


The project started in 2014 when BOS partnered up with Club de Loge in Gent, the unofficial music mecca of Belgium, to create the opportunity for local bands to showcase their talents.  Each of the 5 BOS Sessions Showcase concerts provided the opportunity for 4 artists or bands to sign up to participate and compete in front of a live audience.  The favourite artist or band, as voted by a jury each evening, won the opportunity to record a single new track for the BOS Sessions Compilation Album – to be released on a limited edition vinyl set.   Featured artists on the first edtion will be:  Blondblackblonde, Candlebags, If Anything Happens to the Cat, Sinews and The Girl Who Cried Wolf.


BOS Marketing Director Marie van Niekerk says: “Music is one of the earliest and most important platforms for self expression available to people.  There is this universal language that can be found in every culture, and it connects us in some way or form, to other people all across the world.  Music is often the first point through which one can begin to access someone else’s culture and start to understand them.  This is one of the reasons why BOS has been supporting local artists and musicians since our launch in 2010 and we’re proud to be playing a part in the development and nurturing of new musical talent.”


While new digital music streaming sites pop up every month, and have revolusionised the way people consume music, there is a growing movement of music connoisseurs who are having a renewed love affair and romance with vinyl.   With the steady rise of vinyl sales (260% growth in the US since 2009) and the continued desire for customers wanting to customize their own environment and experiences, BOS DESIGN-A-VINYL has created a meeting point for these two powerful trends.


“Album covers have a wonderfully rich history for expression of artistic intent and we want to build on that”, says van Niekerk.  “With the BOS Design-a-Vinyl platform we combine two important elements of an album  – the audio and the visual – to create a dialogue between the artists/bands and their audience which is interactive, engaging and fun.  Fans are invited to listen and draw inspiration from the tracks featured on the album while designing their covers, which in turn becomes a visual representation and interpretation of their musical experience.”


Tine Kindt, active member of Club de Loge and artistic coordinator of the BOS showcases says: “Musical talent needs to be nurtured and supported in order to grow. Together with BOS and with the support of Poppunt ( platform), Consouling Records, Urgent FM and Much Luv Studio we hope to establish a vibrant and sustainable showcase for artists in the years to come. Club de Loge shares BOS’s enthusiam for supporting local musical talent.  With the Design-a-Vinyl project we are confident that we can offer something unique for artists as it creates the opportunity for them to interact and collaborate with other musicians as well as their fans.  Our longterm goal is to create a space for musical (and socio-cultural) exchange where people can come together and learn from each other through the universal language of music”.






Visit WWW.BOSDESIGNER.COM/VINYL to unleash your creativity and stand a chance to win!

How to enter:

  • Go to WWW.BOSDESIGNER.COM/VINYL to create your design online.
  • Follow the instructions to upload to the BOS Gallery
  • You can also create your design in your favourite design programme, or draw by hand and email to
  • Competition opens 4 December 2015 and ends on 17 January 2016. Winners will be announced during a pre-release show the 23d of January in Gent and on the website in the 1st week of February 2016.
  • For full T&C’s please visit:



Interesting facts about BOS Ice Tea:


  • The name BOS comes from RooiBOS, our primary and magic ingredient.  In South Africa it’s also a slang term i.e. to “to go BOS!” meaning “to go a crazy/ wild!”


  • The rooibos used in BOS comes from Klipopmekaar, a rooibos farm in the  Cederberg Mountains in the Western Cape of South Africa. It is 100% organic and sustainably farmed. The farm uses solar power, environmentally conscious design, entrenched recycling systems and manages several conservation projects.


  • In 2012, BOS developed the world’s first Twitter activated vending machine called BEV.

BEV won Gold at the International Smarties mobile marketing awards in New York City in 2012.


  • For every 2,000 cans sold, BOS plants and maintains 1 tree in under-greened areas of South Africa.  Since their launch in 2010, BOS has planted over 10 000 trees through their partnership with GreenPop.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson, former manager of the Manchester United football club, is an investor in the BOS Brand.


  • The natural fruit flavors of BOS make it a great mixer for cocktails.  For more recipes and ideas go to






For more information please contact:

Marie van Niekerk

BOS Marketing Director

+31 6 20 27 6112


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