12 Reasons why this year was BOS

2012 was an incredible year for BOS. Here’s some of the reasons why:

1. Say hi to BEV

The ultimate vending machine, BEV, surprised the world with her friendly tweets and received attention far and wide.

Video: BEV- The Incredible Sampling Machine

2. Smarties anyone?

BOS won a GOLD award at the New York Smarties Awards 2012! One of our biggest achievements to date with the help of COW Africa.

3. BOS EARTHWAVE Beach Festival

We were so thrilled to be involved with this amazing festival and initiative. One of our favourite weekends of the year!

4. Oppi Koppi

We had an awesome time at Oppi Koppi 2012, a special thanks to all the friends who made the BOSsewa into a little imprompto stage. Way to go guys!

Video here: OPPI KOPPI


5. BOS Rocking the Daisies

Another year, another Daisies and we loved every second!

Video here: BOS at Rocking the Daisies

6. BOS Sessions

We also launched BOS Sessions this year, at Rocking the Daisies, as a result of the great organic “stage” that popped up at our BOSsewa during Oppi Koppi. We wanted to create a platform for young musicians to have a very intimate experience with their fans. The result was exactly what we hoped for, and we’re so excited about all the BOS Sessions still to come!

7. The Plastics likes BOS

After The Plastics was so kind to join us with their presence at the first BOS Sessions we wanted to be their friends for good, and we’re very glad we could make it a “formal” friendship. BOS is now officially one of The Plastic’s sponsors. Cheers boys!

8. More tea for you and me

2012 = BOS 1 L’s. This was another big highlight for us. Launching the long awaited 1 L’s in Peach, Apple and Lemon. Their available at Woolworths and selected Spar & Pick ‘n Pay’s. In keeping with our sustainable style, we’ve opted for the Tetra Prisma packaging. Read more about the 1L’s here. Go get ’em.

9. Beautiful, Berry.

Hallo Berry. Another great addition to our 275ml can range, BOS Berry. If you haven’t tried it then you’re seriously missing out.

10. BOS at The Green Expo

This was also the first year that BOS took part at the Green Expo in Cape Town. We used recycled cans, and Xinita board to create a one of a kind stand by the great Haldane Martin.

11. We love you Namibia

Towards the end of 2012 BOS launched in Namibia with the help of Namibia Dairies. So to all our lovely friends up there, enjoy!

12. Good Food & Wine (DURBAN) award.

Another great achievement for us, was the Gold award we won at the Good Food & Wine (DBN) show for most interactive stand.

Overall it was an amazing year for us and we couldn’t have done it without all our BOS fans! Thanks everyone, and cheers to 2013! We know it will only get better…

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