Sowing the Seeds – JHB

Rocking the Daisies’ teaser event, Sowing the Seeds, in collaboration with Converse, took place in the heart of the Magaliesburg this last weekend.

The Bossewa was there to keep festival goers refreshed and although the weather was a bit cloudy the rain held out and there was a great turnout. This was the first Sowing the Seeds event in Joburg, following the success of the event in Cape Town.

BOS held a competition before the event for people to win free double tickets. People had to tell us on our facebook page what they were willing to give or give up to go to Sowing the Seeds. The response was amazing with people pulling out all sorts weird and wonderful responses including the winners who were willing to give up their libidos; their floss, kos and BOS; and name their first born sons BOS Ice Tea.

Seems like people are willing to give a lot for some free festival tickets :)

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